If you already know the product  you want to import and it's specification details, but not sure about the packaging options; we will lead the pricing and situational details about the different varieties and alternatives of the packaging materials and factors coming beside as advantages or disadvantages.

If there is specific product you are needing and you know the specification details of the product with the packaging material details, or if you have samples to show us what you want, share it and we will be arranging the process to workout the best solution and a suitable price for you.

I know what I want.
I know the product but not sure about the packaging.
I have something in mind, but need to expand ideas.
What can we sell to my country?

If you are into something and have some ideas about products needed, or you may know the market demands more or less, together we will build ideas by finding out the real effective product to start up with. Then we will pile on the branding options and alternatives.

If you want to import goods from Turkey seeing the opportunities and production strength especially in certain ranges, according to your country, together we will find good price matching products with target packaging, and we will lead the way to have your branding range of products.

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