We start by listening to your needs, with the market you will sell your product. Once we decide the spesifications and packaging alternatives, we give you the total price of the products you need. And then comes the fun part to build up your product design! Also if you have a brand already, we can help you widen the range with the same identity you want to follow. One of the most important things we value other than the right product, is correct labeling for the standarts of the country we are selling.

We are open to new ideas and we believe in the strength of a good communication. Sharing ideas will make all of us stand bigger and live the most creative and productive times.

privatelabelturkiye team have been in relationship with exporting companies and production factories for years before. The demands of other countries and abroad companies were sometimes to create their own brand. So we did what is needed. After couple years, this business expanded because of the good quality of the products in Turkey and our price friendly packaging sources with the matching design to the target group.

Every one in our team are advanced in different careers. So we can take a case and build it up by every different side of the situation, working together depending on your demand.


How we work together
Sustainable service

Why so private? We are so aware of the big competition of the products in the markets. The prices, countries, designs, qualities and the factories all have different kind of rivalries. So we won't be telling, broadcasting, advertising about the actual brand names (our customers) we helped to produce!

We had this demand from some of our customers before, so we decided to make it for all, which became a policy of our team. So the name became real with humor for us; private label.


We are not done after producing and sending your gorgeous products. We will be at your service for the continuing shipments and organizations so you can follow the batches and optimize or make updates in your products. We will be the first door to be knocked in Turkey for you. 


Import Goods From Turkiye Labeled Your Brand.